Moving is a harrowing experience for anyone to endure. Acquiring supplies, choosing a moving company, packing, and leaving your old home behind can be very stressful, and there are many factors in play that will determine whether or not your move goes as smoothly as possible. Though any move can seem very overwhelming, if you give yourself enough time to prepare, you can tackle the job with ease. At Move Smart Moving, our industry experts have compiled a list of the best moving tips for you to help facilitate the smoothest transition possible. Follow this guide, and you will be more than ready come moving day!


To properly plan your move, you are going to need to give yourself plenty of time. At least one month before your expected moving date, it is recommended that you begin smoothing out the details of your move. If you have decided to use a moving company, now is the time to begin calling around for estimates; you want to start shopping for a moving company as soon as possible, as most of the reputable movers will be booked for weeks in advance. Contact your post office and inform them of your move so that you are sure to have any mail forwarded to your new address. Make sure to also inform any institutions that may send important mail of your change of address, so that you are sure not to miss any bills, or put your personal information in the hands of a stranger.


Packing materials and moving supplies, although one of the most important components to a smooth moving experience, are often overlooked until the very last minute. This can cause quite the headache on moving day, when the last thing you want to do is run out to look for more boxes. It is extremely crucial that you begin collecting packing materials as early as possible, ensuring that you have enough boxes, tape, and other materials to pack all of your belongings properly. Just remember that the supplies that you choose should be of high quality, and suitable for the task of packing all of your belongings safely and securely. For example, a ruddy old box with tears or holes is not a good choice, as the box may fail during your move causing the contents to spill out, which may damage them and cause an inconvenience.

There is no need to settle for subpar moving supplies, there are many ways to obtain quality packing materials at little or no cost. Check with hardware and appliance stores to see if they have any boxes they are willing to part with. These stores are a great source for boxes, as they often will have many of varying sizes available. The grocery store is also a place to consider checking for nice medium sized boxes. Also check with any friends or family that may have moved recently, and keep an eye open at work for any suitable materials that you may use. When choosing tape, choose a quality brand that is sure to be up to the task of keeping your belongings safe and sound, secured in their packaging, and consider purchasing plastic wrap as well to absolutely ensure your property’s safe arrival to your new home. If you decide to purchase boxes, most major hardware stores will carry them, and we have all of the necessary moving supplies available at Move Smart Moving at a very competitive price.


Moving to a new house can be a nice fresh start for anyone, so why would you want to take all of your old junk with you? Decide what you wish to keep, and what items need to go. Consider having a garage sale, or donating any quality items that you simply don’t use anymore. Recycle or throw away all of your old junk; this can save you time on moving day, and also helps to save your new place from being consumed by clutter. Once you have decided which of your belongings you wish to keep, make a detailed list including everything to be moved. If you are using a moving company, take pictures of your valuables as well, and also keep all of your receipts in case you need to make an insurance claim. It is also important to measure all of your large furniture and other items to make sure that they will fit into the moving truck, and through the door of your new home.


Beginning the packing process early can make all of the difference between a pleasant moving experience, and a stress filled chaotic transition. Start packing as soon as possible, and also remember to pack smart, saving yourself from a major headache later on. Pack all of your essential toiletries, your valuables, and a change of clothes in a suitcase to be moved with you in your own vehicle. Nothing is worse than being stuck without an essential item because it is packed up in the truck with everything else. Any electronics that you fear will be damaged by heat or otherwise should also be packed in your own vehicle. Packing by room is one of the most essential moving tips to follow, as it will speed up the unpacking process, saving you time and helping you to get settled in your new place as fast as possible. Also, make sure to label everything, so you aren’t inconvenienced wondering which box contains which items. When loading all of your belongings into your moving truck, stage them properly to facilitate a seamless unpacking process. When you’ve reached your new home, place all of the boxes in the rooms in which they belong, begin unpacking, and you’re done!

Moving, while stressful, does not have to be a complete nightmare if you follow these moving and packing tips. Don’t overwhelm yourself, plan accordingly, do your research, get boxes and start packing early and you should be in good shape on moving day. If you decide that you require additional help or have any questions, Move Smart Moving is happy to offer our services. Contact us today for a free quote, or if you have any questions regarding your next move.